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Discipline & Policies

Discipline Committee

  1. The Discipline Committee shall consist of:
    (i) The President, or his designate, as Chairperson, (ii) the Chair of the House League Committee and the Select Committee, or their respective designates; (iii) the Referee-in-Chief, or his/her designate; and (iv) the General Manager of the GTHL or his/her designate, if the incident involves a person in the GTHL Division.
  2. All persons affiliated with a hockey team of the Association, whether as player, coach, manager or otherwise, are subject to the discipline process.
  3. In all cases where a person is ejected from a game, is suspended, or may be guilty of conduct unbecoming a person affiliated with the Association, the Referee, Referee-in-Chief, Convenor or Director responsible shall forthwith refer the matter to a member of the Discipline Committee who shall thereupon report the matter to the President or the Vice-President. Notwithstanding the foregoing, an incident involving persons in the GTHL Division shall be dealt with by the Discipline Committee only if such incident is referred to the Discipline Committee by the President or by any member of the GTHL Committee. The President, or in his/her absence, the Vice-President, shall thereupon promptly convene a hearing before the Discipline Committee to review the matter.
  4. The President or his/her designate shall notify the person concerned in advance by letter or telephone of the date, time, place and subject matter of the hearing.
  5. The procedure to be followed at hearings shall be determined by the Discipline Committee and a quorum for all hearings shall consist of at least three members of the Discipline Committee. The hearing shall be conducted informally. The person concerned may attend with representation. The Committee may proceed in his or her absence. The Committee shall receive all reasonably reliable information. The Chairperson may, in his or her discretion, adjourn the hearing for the purpose of obtaining additional information.
  6. At the conclusion of the hearing, the Committee shall forthwith deliver its decision. The Committee may impose additional penalties or relieve against penalties already imposed in accordance with the rules, regulations, and guidelines of the GTHL and NTHA in force from time to time.
  7. All suspensions may be adjusted by or appealed to he Discipline Committee. If the Discipline Committee imposes a suspension of 7 games or more, the person concerned may appeal to the Board of Directors at the next regular meeting or one scheduled for that purpose. The decision of the Discipline Committee is stayed pending that appeal. The Directors who participated in the hearing before the Discipline Committee shall not participate in the appeal. A quorum shall consist of a majority of the Directors eligible to participate in the appeal.
  8. In an appropriate circumstance, the President or Vice-President may, without a hearing, impose an immediate suspension of up to 7 days pending a hearing of the Discipline Committee.
  9. The results of the hearing and appeal, if any, shall be recorded by the Secretary in a book for that purpose. If the person concerned is suspended for one year or more, the Secretary shall inform the Registrar, and the records noted accordingly.

House League / Select Suspension Policy

Playing Select is a privilege given to some of our House League registrants. Select players must participate actively in the House League program and set a good example for other players in the House League. As such players' bad behavior or poor decision making cannot be condoned by NT Hockey. Although players/parents have paid to participate in the NT Hockey Programs, the Association reserves the right to suspend players for inappropriate actions or behavior. We understand that when player suspensions are made, we are affecting the competitiveness of the rest of that player’s team. However, the player has put us in this difficult position. The intent of the suspension policy is to underline the importance NT Hockey places on appropriate behavior, to act consistently with the NYHL in regard to Select players and to help both teams and players move beyond suspendable infractions.

Suspensions will be communicated to players/parents by the respective coaches or House League Division convenor. Coaches will receive the instruction from the Select Committee, the House League Committee or the appropriate House League Division Convenor as appropriate.

House League Initiated Suspensions

North Toronto Hockey will enforce similar suspension policies for players in house league that are
currently used in the NYHL.

Suspension as a result of House League play will affect a player's Select such that:

  • Suspensions of 2 or less games (excluding the game in which the infraction occurred) in House League will result in a Select game suspension for their next NYHL game. This will not affect Select practice or tournament play.
  • Suspensions of 3 games in House League will result in the suspension of the player for the next 2 NYHL select games or sanctioned tournament games.
  • Suspensions of 4 games or more in House League will be matched by an equal number of NYHL select games. The Select and HL Committee may, at their discretion, apply other suspensions (eg. miss tournament games) if infraction warrants.

Additionally a Select player not appropriately participating in House League can have his privilege to participate in the Select Program suspended.

Houseleague Attendance Policy - For Select Players

The North Toronto Hockey Association considers playing select to be a privilege for a small number of our houseleague members.  Therefore, each player that is on a select team is required to make attendance at all house league activities (games and practices/skills) a priority.   The house league chair will work closely with the convenors and coaches of each division to ensure that players are attending regularly as absenteeism does affect team and division balance.

A House League Select Programme player who attends less than two-thirds of his or her House League events (games, skills, practices) or misses 3 consecutive events will be considered ineligible for further participation in the House League Select Program. Reinstatement will be considered upon joint review by the House League and Select Committees, who may consider any special circumstances.  Respect for the Houseleague Program and timely communication by players to their coaches is a paramount consideration in any review.

*The 2/3rds rule is intended to monitor players over the course of the season, and the attendance as at "Date.   This means as of the current date the player must have played or been present for 2/3rds of his/her onging house league activities at any given time.  For example, If after 6 games have been played, a player will be reviewed for possible HL suspension if they've missed 2 of the 6. (or 3 in a row). 

The GTHL which is the North Toronto Hockey Associations governing body considers this just as important as we do and has stated in the rule book:

Rule 17.9

(g) Attendance at House League Games. A House League Select Programme player is expected to attend all House League games unless for reasons of illness or injury. A House League Select Programme player should miss no more than three regular season House League games because of attendance at tournaments and should not miss any House League playoff games because of tournaments. A House League Select Programme player who attends less than two-thirds of his or her House League games will be considered ineligible for further participation in the House League Select Programme. House League Organizations may apply to the Board of the applicable Affiliated Division that is operating the House League Select Programme’s league for relief from this provision due to illness or injury of the player


NYHL Initiated Suspensions

Player suspensions as a result of Select play will affect a player’s House League participation:

  • Suspensions of 2 or less games (excluding the game of the infraction) in the NYHL will result in a House League game suspension for the next House League game subsequent to the ruling. This will not affect House League practice activity.
  • Suspensions of 3 games (excluding the game of the infraction) in the NYHL will result in a House League suspension of 2 games. This will not affect House League practice activity
  • Suspension of 4 or more games in NYHL will need to be matched in House League play or will remain in place until the NYHL suspension has been fully served whichever has been fully served first. During this suspension the player is not to participate in any House League games.

The equalization of House League and Select Suspensions where the suspension totals 4 games or more may be appealed to the appropriate House League and/or Select Committee.
For suspensions of 1 year or more, the player is suspended from all Select Hockey. The Discipline Committee shall determine whether the player may resume play in the House League.

In all cases, a player is under an obligation to advise coaches in both sections of any suspension. Coaches are obligated to notify their respective Chairpersons or the President as soon as possible after the game in which a suspension was assessed.


  1. Do not run or play games in the lobby or the corridors.
  2. Shooting balls or pucks in hallways or change rooms is not permitted.
  3. Do not stand, walk or jump on arena seats.
  4. Do not climb onto, sit, stand or walk on the ledge beneath the large windows on the upper deck.
  5. No one is permitted on the south side of the arena past the office unless you are a coach or game official.
  6. Do not damage the arena or its fixtures. Anyone causing damage will be held responsible and suspended and/or prohibited from entering the arena.
  7. Please do not bring food or drink from outside the arena.  If you wish to have a special celebration or party, please speak with the arena manager first.
  8. Do not leave equipment bags in the lobby. The Association is not responsible for lost equipment. Each player's equipment should be readily identifiable.
  10. No animals or pets.

Anyone who disobeys arena rules or defaces arena property will be ejected from the arena by the Arena management and if applicable the offending players may be subject to suspension.