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Registration Information

Oops...made a mistake in my profile. What to do if you need to change something after you've submitted.

1. Go to the profiles tab of your user dashboard
2. Select the profile that was used to register
3. Click the Registration History tab
4. Select the Registration Entry to edit
5. Click the Pencil Icon next to the field to change
6. Enter the new information
7. Click Save

** Not all sections can be editable. ** If you need to make a change on something you cannot please email

Refund Policy

As per Hockey Canada, you may only register for one club at a time. If you have registered for more than one association and decide to withdraw from NT, the above rules apply.  If you are eligible for a refund you will be charged the $100.00 admin. fee.

Players wishing to withdraw from the program must do so in writing either through email or written letter to the registrar. If the player is not accepted due to the program being full you will receive a full refund. All players will be offered the opportunity to be placed on the waitlist, but no refunds will be provided until an official request to withdraw is made directly to the registrar.

  • Prior to July 31, players may withdraw and receive a refund less a $100.00 admin fee. 
  • Players will not receive any refund starting August 1st - unless there is a wait list and we can replace your player. If your player is replaced by September 1st, then above policy applies.

If you register a player for the first time for the 2018/19 season after August 1st, and then wish to withdraw anytime after, you will not receive a refund unless your spot has been filled by Sept 1st.  If your spot has been filled with another player by Sept. 1st. we will issue a refund minus the $100.00 admin fee.

Select /CDS Players that have ACCEPTED a spot with a North Toronto select/CDS team (or who have ACCEPTED an invitation to a Red, Green or White team tryout) and then want to be released at any time after, will not receive any refund on their HL registration fees.

(For players who withdraw from North Toronto and have attended at least one try-out for select/CDS but have not been offered a spot may receive a refund on HL fees equal to their HL fee less a $100.00 admin fee after April 16th. They will not receive a refund if they withdraw after Aug.1st)

Interested in Coaching?

Please click here to be considered for coaching at NT.

What is Included in the HL and LTP Fees?

Fees include jersey,socks, water bottle as well as a combination team/individual player photo

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