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"Dear Canada" by Tim Thompson, NT Alumnus

01/15/2014, 11:45pm EST
By Admin

Watch this amazing video of a celebrated rivalry!

Dear NT Families 

As is normally the case, we save our hockey accolades for accomplishments on the ice. Certainly, there is nothing wrong with that and NT currently has a lot to be proud of with the emergence of NT Alumnus Tom Wilson as an NHL star with the Washington Capitals. 

However, we should never forget the endeavors by others who have called NT “home”. Such is the case with Tim Thompson who as a young lad was known as one of the hardest working players in the NT system. While he didn’t end up on the NHL ice, he has in fact made a significant mark on the national hockey landscape.  

For those of you who tuned into the start of the Leafs/Habs game in late November on CBC, you would have seen the opening pre-game montage that was set to opera music. It was a magnificent cross-section of a rivalry more than eight decades old, stunning black-and-white and colour footage of the players of yesterday and today, their skating and battling, celebrating at full speed and in slow motion sewn through grainy film and sharp images of buildings and broadcasters and diehard supporters of both clubs.

The images alone are enough to weaken the knees. This beautiful piece of TV art is the creation of our own Tim Thompson, who has been creating such videos on CBC for over 6 years.

He called it “Dear Canada”. Others have called it “the most Canadian thing ever”.

We invite you to watch the short piece of art:

With the upcoming move away from CBC broadcasts, he composed something special to honour the show, the rivalry and history the two teams have had on the show.

Thank you Tim!

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