Volunteer of the Year

The success of the NTHA reflects the ongoing dedication and commitment of hundreds of volunteers. We recognize and honour their long standing service and outstanding contributions.

Every year since 1994, the North Toronto Hockey Association Board of Directors selects an individual or two as Volunteer of the Year. The individuals chosen have exemplified the characteristics of outstanding volunteers through unselfish service, thorough dedication and commitment to the North Toronto Hockey Association over many years. Thanks to the sponsorship of North Toronto Arena, the Volunteer of the Year receives a plaque acknowledging this award to keep, as well as having his or her name added to the The Green Wall.

Congratulations to following honoured recipients of the Volunteer of the Year Award:

Honouree Year Awarded Honouree Year Awarded
Kevin Gordon 1994 Bob Grant 2009
Kaye Marten 1995 Gord Ashworth 2010
Gord Thompson 1996 Chip Aikenhead 2011
Fred Bourgase 1997 Randy Heyd 2012
Art Pollack 1997 Rich Hill 2012
David Bluestein 1998 Nora Versteeg 2013
Peter Milligan 1999 Michael Koch 2016
Ken Romanada 2000 Rich Brewda 2016
Frank Newbould 2001 Buffy McGaw 2017
Bob Daggett 2002 Catherine Graham 2017
Eric Versteeg 2003 Lesley Thompson 2018
Bill McNeil 2004 John Mulder 2018
John Wesley 2004 Margo Longwell 2019
Al Crawford 2005 David Munro 2019
Lorne Gorman 2006
Tim Aikenhead 2007
Kathy Grant 2007
Crawford Spratt 2008
Doug Lamb 2008