Alumni Club Award

The Alumni Club Award recognizes those players that have played all their House League Years at NTHA from Tyke/IP6 to Midget.

Congratulations to the following honoured recipients of the Alumni Club Award:

Honouree Birth Year Honouree Birth Year
Sean Donoahue 1992
Sam Howorth 1992
Danny Babin 1993
Jake Howorth 1993
Adam Martin 1993
Damon Carrington 1995
Duncan Fitzhenry 1995
Cameron Martin 1997
Peter McLeod 1997
Alexander McLeod 1999
Ty Mendelson 1999
Jacob Goldbach 1999
Liam Bullock 1999
Mitchell Ivens 1999
Colin Mullaly 1999
Henry Stevenson 1999
Jason Sauntry 1999
Noah Tate 2000
Andrea Pallotta 2000
Cameron McMillan 2000