The North Toronto Hockey Association (NTHA) is committed to treating all of our members with respect and consideration and expect that players, coaches and parents will abide by their respective codes of conduct. Occasionally, however, circumstances arise where members feel they have been harmed or otherwise treated unfairly. In those circumstances we encourage members to:

  • raise their concerns first at the team level (players, parents, coaches)
  • elevate the concern to the Chair/GM of the relevant division (LTP/House League, CDS/Select, GTHL) if it is not resolved to the member’s satisfaction; and
  • further elevate the concern to the President of the NTHA if, after speaking with the division Chair/GM, the concern remains unresolved.

It is important to address concerns quickly. However, like most youth sports, hockey is an emotional game. If the concern arises in the context of a game or practice situation, we encourage parents, players and coaches to follow the “24 hour rule”, and wait 24 hours before raising their concerns so that a more constructive discussion can take place..

Concerns relating to officials should be submitted in writing by email to the NTHA  Referee in Chief.

If you have any questions about this process please contact the NTHA President.


The NTHA has a mandate to ensure the safety of its members, and to ensure that they are treated respectfully and in accordance with the rules of the game and the respective coach/player/parent Codes of Conduct.

If a member (player, parent, coaching staff) acts in a manner inconsistent with these Codes of Conduct, the NTHA Board may, at its sole discretion, convene an ad hoc disciplinary committee to investigate the incident(s), and to implement sanctions where appropriate. Where an investigation is commenced, the disciplinary committee will interview relevant participants including the member whose conduct is in question, and will issue a written decision describing the nature of the complaint, the committee’s conclusions, and the sanctions to be imposed (if any).

The affected member may appeal the decision of the disciplinary committee to the NTHA Board of Directors by sending an email to the President of the NTHA requesting an appeal within five (5) business days of the date of the decision. The appeal will be heard at a time and place to be determined by the Board, usually the next Board meeting following receipt of the complaint unless circumstances warrant a more expedient appeal. After hearing from the affected member and any other participants the Board deems necessary, the Board may in its sole discretion uphold or vary the decision of the disciplinary committee in its sole discretion.

Appeals of a decision made by the Board of Directors may be submitted in writing to the GTHL through its complaint resolution process which may be found at

The NTHA reserves the right to remove individuals from active involvement in any association hockey activities at its discretion.