Past President Messages

A message from Blair Robinson, President of North Toronto Hockey 2017/2018

To Our North Toronto Hockey Families,

We would like to extend best wishes for 2017-18 to our returning North Toronto players and families, and a very warm welcome to those players and families new to 'NT'. We are excited by the promise and possibilities of a new hockey season, with the hope that every player will take away special memories to cherish from their coming year of Learn-to-Play, House League, Select and GTHL play. 

This year, we have over 1275 players registered at North Toronto, that includes Learn-to-Play and House League players, along with 20 Select teams, and 16 GTHL teams in both ‘AA’ and ‘A’ divisions. This year in the Tyke (2011) House League Program, we will be implementing the ‘Initiation Program’ that Hockey Canada has developed and mandated for this age group, which is focused on cross-ice skill development, and “is a structured, learn-to-play hockey program designed to introduce beginners to the game's basic skills”. The rationale behind this program is that it provides increased participation of all players, providing more puck touches and developing skills in small area games, all in an effort to help foster a life long love of the game. This program is being rolled out across Canada, and in the two following years, will see this program continue for the 2011 age group. Implementation of the IP mandate in Select will begin with this year’s Tyke group who, in addition to playing full-ice games, will participate in Cross-Ice Showcase Festivals organized by the NYHL and GTHL to further educate parents and players on the benefits of modified-ice hockey for young players. By the 2019-20 season, all Select players 8 years old and under will move to modified ice hockey as directed by the Ontario Hockey Federation.

The North Toronto Hockey Association would also like to acknowledge the many volunteers that are essential to the success of our hockey programs. These individuals range from the many bench coaches, trainers, managers and convenors that dedicate their time to ensuring that our players experience in hockey is a fun and memorable one. Please don’t hesitate to thank these volunteers for their efforts.

In addition, we are very proud to call North Toronto Memorial Arena home, and we extend a big thank you to Eric Anweiler and his staff for all their efforts to ensure that NT is one of the very best venues in the City to play hockey.  They are also excellent at sharpening skates, so be sure to stop by the Pro Shop.

We wish everyone a fun and successful season at North Toronto for 2017-18.

See you at the rink!

Best regards,

Blair Robinson


North Toronto Hockey Association


Welcome back, and a warm welcome for those that are new to North Toronto. I'm excited that another year of hockey has started at North Toronto.  While not as big as our 50th anniversary, this year marks our first toward another 50 great years.

Minor hockey has seen a number of challenges and changes over the past few years, some that have made the game safer and some that have made the game almost unreachable for many kids in our city.   We at North Toronto want to provide a fun, safe and inclusive atmosphere to play this remarkable game!  We will continously strive to make the experience at North Toronto the best in the city, and hope that our Houseleague, GTHL and NYHL teams all experience great suceess but even better social and personal growth. 

It is my great pleasure to be the president of this 51st year of North Toronto Hockey.  My "door" is always open.

Take Care,

Chris Thompson



Welcome To North Toronto Hockey - Our 50th Season

To all our North Toronto Hockey families,

As we get ready to open the book on the 2015/16 hockey season, I wanted to say hello and welcome you all to the North Toronto Hockey Association's 50th season! Whether this is your child's first year or last at North Toronto or somewhere in between, or whether he or she is a house league player playing once a week or is on the ice several hours a week with one of our GTHL or Select teams, you are a part of the NT hockey family, and that means something.

What, exactly, does it mean? I think it means that you are part of a great minor hockey legacy in Toronto that's been fostering friendships, developing good sportsmanship and a healthy respect for, and understanding of competition, instilling discipline, and promoting physical fitness for 50 years. But North Toronto Hockey's most important contribution of all, after everything is said and done, is offering our kids the opportunity to discover the pure joy of playing hockey, which is something your children hopefully will enjoy for the next 50 years and beyond. If we accomplish this one thing - instilling the love of playing hockey in our children - then I think we're all doing our jobs as parents and/or hockey volunteers.

Speaking of volunteers, a big thank you to all of the volunteers and board members who have spent countless hours over the summer preparing schedules, finalizing budgets, registering players, and all the other many behind-the-scenes tasks required before the kids hit the ice.

And speaking again of volunteers, we still need parents of kids in our house league to step forward and volunteer for coaching or convenor positions. Please contact Chris Thompson at for more details.

Make sure to check out the details of our annual mid-September Used Skate and Equipment Sale, which are on the home page of our website. Don’t miss out. It is worth participating as a buyer, seller or both! 

Please make it a habit to continually check our North Toronto Hockey Association website which can be accessed by clicking www.nthockey.caThe website is a valuable resource tool for all, especially for news of the upcoming 50th anniversary celebrations. We will be looking to bring alumni and current players together to participate in the festivities.

I want to wish everyone a very successful, enjoyable, competitive and injury free year. Please don’t forget to introduce yourselves to Eric Anweiler and his arena staff who take great pride and care in running the best arena in the city of Toronto!

See you all at the rink.

Ben Hawkins


North Toronto Hockey Association

September 2014: Welcome to a Brand New Season

Dear North Toronto Families,

I would like to welcome all of our returning families as well as any new families to the beginning of the upcoming 2014/2015 hockey season. I am not sure where our summer has slipped away but I am excited about another hockey season unfolding. Players have been registered, coaches have been chosen, equipment has been ordered and ICE has been secured. We are off to a great start. Thank you to all of the Volunteers and Board Members that have spent countless hours over the summer!

Our plan for this year is not to reinvent the wheel but to strive to continue to build and seek new ways to strengthen all of our programs including our core program. House League is a huge part of who we are and from this strong base we are able to grow and sustain our competitive Select and GTHL teams. We know and recognize that every participant is important to the overall success of all our programs here at NT!

We begin right away with our sought after skate sale. All of the details are on the Home page of our website. Don’t miss out. It is worth participating as a buyer, seller or both! Please try to make it a habit to continually check our North Toronto Hockey Association website which can be accessed by clicking .The website has recently been revamped and is a valuable resource tool for all.

North Toronto Hockey Association is entering its 49th year. Plans will begin to be laid for our upcoming 50th year celebrations. We will be looking to bring alumni and current members together to participate in the festivities. Our association with this esteemed Arena is something that we should all be very proud of and thankful for!

I want to wish everyone a very successful, enjoyable, competitive and injury free year. Please don’t forget to introduce yourselves to Eric Anweiler and his arena staff who take great pride and care in the upkeep of our arena. Our pro shop is worth a visit and so is our snack bar as it has the best hot dogs by far in town as far as I am concerned!

See you all at the rink.

Kathie Wood

December 2013: Message from our President to our NT Academy Families

Dear NT Academy Parents and Players:

As you know, at the start of this season, the NTHA embarked on an ambitious program to ensure that ALL our players were encouraged to develop in such a manner to promote fun and skill development. It was a realization that many of the most successful programs outside of Canada have being very progressive…and as a result more kids can have more fun.

In consultation with the NHLPA and Hockey Canada, we developed the NT Academy to ensure that kids were given a strong foundation that would allow all of them to touch the puck as much as possible, thereby becoming more confident. This would foster a lifelong love for the game and if it meant that more NT kids would progress further, then that would be a great side benefit. However, the focus was on the development of players for their own enjoyment.

We knew entering the program that we had to start with a plan and then be prepared to “tweak” things from feedback received and analyzing our own observations. The overwhelming feeling from our families is that they love the program and the intent behind it. Better yet, that the kids are having fun and also getting better!

However, like any great idea, it needs to adapt to the circumstances and realities presented. First and foremost, it appears that the sessions are a bit too long for the kids. Second, that because of some scheduling quirks, sometimes there are 4 weeks in a row without games. This was not our intent.

So what are we going to do to address these issues?

Effective with the New Year, we will be implementing the following slight alterations which you will soon notice on the website schedule:

Tyke, Minor Novice, and Novice –

·         Ratio of skills to game only days will be 2:1 (current 3:1 and has sometimes been 4:1).

·         Sessions will be 70 minutes (incl flood) instead of 90 minutes.

·         Teams on ice will be limited to 2 (from 3)

The rationale behind these changes is to ensure more game time without losing the foundation of the program. Second, the shorter sessions will decrease the incidence of tired kids! Third, the limiting of the teams on the ice at the same time will allow us to increase the number of professional instructors per player…and give the kids more of a sense of “team” instead of being mixed among three teams.

For the Minor Atom and Atom division, there were only going to be 2 skills dates left on the calendar anyway, so we are not altering that. It appears that the skills sessions were front end loaded onto the first half of the season. Players in this division will have more games now than before.

We hope you like the modifications and know that we are eager, with your help, to continue the growth of this great Program.

Regards…Doug Goodman