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Competitive Development Stream

Initiation Program 6 (2012) and Minor Novice (2011) Competitive Development Stream

The Competitive Development Stream (CDS) program focuses on long term player development in accordance with the Hockey Canada and Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF) Player Development Model and the GTHL Initiation Program. 

The CDS program is an extension of House League available to all registered players on a tryout basis. Information on the OHF Player Development Model and the game play structure discussed below may be found here. Information on the GTHL Initiation Program and the benefits of modified ice hockey may be found here.

In addition to the House League, players in the CDS program participate in one or two additional practices per week and play approximately one weekly development game (20-25 games per season) against CDS teams from three neighbouring hockey associations: Leaside, North York Knights and Forest Hill.  As well, CDS teams may participate in tournaments or festivals throughout the season.

CDS games follow the game play structure of the OHF Player Development Model as follows:

  • Rosters of 18 players (16 skaters, 2 goalies)
  • Goalies rotate in IP6 and may be designated in Minor Novice
  • During game play teams are divided into two squads of 9 players (8 skaters, 1 goalie)
  • Two games are played simultaneously in a 4 v. 4 format (plus goalie)
  • IP6 games are played in a cross-ice format and Minor Novice games are played in a half-ice format with appropriate dividers
  • 44-minute games consisting of two 22-minute run time periods
  • Line changes at 1 or 2 minute buzzers
  • Games are officiated and penalties are called.
  • No formal scores, standings or playoffs
  • Competitive Development Stream development games begin in October after Thanksgiving and are not scheduled over holidays




1. In order to try out for any CDS Team you must be registered in House League and your registration must be ACCEPTED by the try out dates. (Even if you were registered in and played at NT in 2017-18, you must still register and be accepted for the 2018-19 season to be eligible for any tryouts.) Click here to access the: House League Registration pages . You are automatically eligible to tryout if you have a confirmed HL registration.

2. The NTHA requires all families to have their Respect in Sport course completed before registration so ensure this is done or you will not be able to register.

3. A player may only tryout  for a team that matches his/her birth year. 

4. According to GTHL Rule 7.12, you may be registered with only one hockey club/association at any given time. Players found to be registered with multiple clubs/associations may be declared ineligible from playing CDS at NT even if they are chosen for a team. Any CDS team fees paid may also be forfeited.

For the 2018-2019 season North Toronto is fielding at least TWO CDS teams in the following age divisions:

·         Initiation Program (IP6) for 2012-born players
·         Minor Novice for 2011-born players

A THIRD team in each division will be considered if there is sufficient player and coach interest. For the 2011s, the decision on a third team will be made at spring tryouts. For the 2012 division, tryouts for a third team will be held in September in order to allow those players with birthdates later in the year to further mature and develop.

There is a $20 fee per tryout/evaluation session to cover the cost of ice and instruction. However, tryout fees are capped at $60/player per season (3 sessions).

All CDS players must participate in their respective House Leagues. Attendance is taken and suspensions given for CDS players who miss games without a documented reason.

Parking: During tryout weekends, parking at the NT arena lot is often very tight as the soccer season is usually in full swing as at the same time. Leave yourself plenty of time and do not park illegally, especially in a fire route, as you will be towed. There is paid parking available in the community centre directly south of the arena with an entrance off Eglinton Ave. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Claudio Tarulli,  CDS and Select Chair at: .


What do I need to do to play in the CDS?

In order to play for a CDS team you must first register your child for House League and complete RIS. Once registered you can attend the evaluation sessions with no further action required on your part.

When does the season start and end?

CDS games will begin in October after Thanksgiving and will end in March.

Will there be games on holidays?

Games will not be scheduled over holidays or during the public school system March Break.

What is the time commitment?

In addition to the House League time commitment of 2 sessions per week, our CDS teams will hold 1-2 incremental practices per week plus participate in weekly interclub games (20-25 games per season).  Additionally, teams may participate in 2-3 tournaments or festivals per season

How many kids will be on each team?

Rosters of 18 players will be used. For games teams will be split into 2 squads of 8 skaters plus one goalie. Games will be played 4-on-4.

How many teams will North Toronto have?

The number of teams is determined by the overall enrolment of players with the necessary skill level. Typically North Toronto has formed up to 3 teams each in Tyke and Minor Novice.

What if my kid wants to be a goalie?

Goalies will rotate for the IP6 and may be designated in Minor Novice. If your child would like to tryout as a goalie, please contact the Select Chair or the coach (if designated) for instructions.

At what age does full-ice begin?

In accordance with the Hockey Canada Initiation Program full ice hockey will be introduced in the the second half of the Novice (8 years old) season.