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Competitive Development Stream

The Registration "Competitive Development Stream" is not currently available.

Please note that ALL players must attend both evaluation sessions and, if invited, the Team Tryout sessions as well to be considered for placement on one of the CDS teams. 

2019-2020 Season Tryouts May 6-12, 2019

1. In order to try out for any CDS Team you must be registered in House League and your registration must be ACCEPTED by the try out dates. (Even if you were registered in and played at NT in 2018-19, you must still register and be accepted for the 2019-20 season to be eligible for any tryouts.) Click here to access the: House League Registration pages . You are automatically eligible to tryout if you have a confirmed HL registration. Registration opens in early April

2. The NTHA requires all families to have their Respect in Sport course completed before registration so ensure this is done or you will not be able to register.

3. A player may only tryout  for a team that matches his/her birth year. 

4. According to GTHL Rule 7.12, you may be registered with only one hockey club/association at any given time. Additionally, House League/CDS players may not participate in any unsanctioned hockey programs outside of NT that do not follow Hockey Canada guidelines for Initiation Programming (such as full-ice game play prior to Jan. 15 of the Novice year.) Players found to be in violation of either rule may be declared ineligible from playing HL/CDS at NT even if they are chosen for a team. Any CDS team fees paid may also be forfeited.

For the 2019-2020 season North Toronto is fielding two or three CDS Teams in each of the following age divisions:

·         IP6: (2013)
·         Minor Novice (2012)
·         Novice (2011)

Actual number of teams will by vary by division depending on player interest and coach availability.

There is a $20 fee per evaluation session to cover the cost of ice and instruction. There is no fee for team tryouts.

Teams will be selected using a two-step process which includes neutral third-party evaluators working in conjunction with appointed coaches and the Select Committee to form teams. The first step is for ALL players to attend two open skills evaluation sessions. From those sessions, players are ranked and then invited to attend individual team tryouts which are held sequentially starting with the highest tier (Red) and then moving to Green, White . As children develop and mature at different rates, it should be expected that players will be moved between teams and that playing on a given team in one season is not a guarantee to play on that team the following season.

All CDS players must participate in their respective House Leagues. Attendance is taken and suspensions given for CDS players who regularly miss games without a documented reason.

Parking: During tryout weekends, parking at the NT arena lot is often very tight as the soccer season is usually in full swing as at the same time. Leave yourself plenty of time and do not park illegally, especially in a fire route, as you will be towed. There is paid parking available in the community centre directly south of the arena with an entrance off Eglinton Ave. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Claudio Tarulli, NTHA Select Chair at: .


For 2013, 2012 and 2013-born players:


What do I need to do to tryout for CDS?

In order to try out for a CDS team you must first register your child for House League and be approved (i.e. not on a wait list). Once approved, you are automatically eligible for evaluations/tryouts.

When does the season start and end?

CDS games begin in October after Thanksgiving and end in mid-April.

Will there be games on holidays?

Games will not be scheduled over major holidays (Thanksgiving, Winter Break, Family Day, Easter) or during the public school March Break week.

What is the time commitment?

In addition to the House League time commitment of 2 sessions per week, our CDS teams will hold 1 team practice per week plus participate in a weekly interclub games (20-22 games per season).  Additionally, teams may participate in 2-3 tournaments or festivals per season

How many players will be on each team?

Rosters of 18 players are used. For games, teams will be split into 2 squads of 8 skaters plus one goalie per side. Games will be played 4-on-4. After January 15, Novice players will play full-ice 5-on-5 with goalies.

How many teams will North Toronto have?

The number of teams is determined by the number of players interested in CDS. Typically North Toronto has formed up to 3 teams in each of the IP6, Minor Novice and Novice divisions.

What if my child wants to be a goalie?

Goalies will rotate for the IP6 and may be designated in Minor Novice/Novice. If your child would like to tryout as a goalie, please contact the Select Chair or the coach (if designated) for instructions.

At what age does full-ice hockey begin?

In accordance with the Hockey Canada Initiation Program full ice hockey will be introduced after January 15 in the Novice (8 years old) season.

How much does it cost?

In addition to House League fees, participation in the CDS program costs about $1,800 - $2,000 per player (not including personal equipment and any tournament travel-related costs).