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NT Select Competitive Hockey Program

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Is Your Child 6, 7 or 8 Years Old?

Many parents are new to the world of competitive hockey so here is a brief description of how it works for the younger kids: For children who are 6, 7 or 8 years old, Select is the highest level of competitive hockey they can play. Children 9 years and older can can continue to play Select or try out and play for teams in the GTHL (Greater Toronto Hockey League), which has three competitive tiers (A, AA and AAA).

Many hockey clubs such as North Toronto field several Select teams for 6 ,7 and 8  year-olds that roughly correspond to the three GTHL competitive tiers. At North Toronto, they are:

Red Select Team (Tier 1, AAA to AA level)
Green Select Team (Tier 2, AA to A level)
White Select Team (Tier 3, A to Select level)

Select teams play 18-20 game seasons in the North York Hockey League (NYHL), which is governed by the GTHL and follows most of the same rules/procedures. Since Select is developmental hockey, teams are placed in tiered divisions so they are playing teams with similar competitive capacities (and almost always within the same age group).

Tryouts for these teams are held sequentially so that the Red tryout happens before the Green, which happens before the White tryout. This is so that players may try out for a higher level team while still having the option of going to a lower level team tryout.

All tryouts are held in the spring for the fall season ahead with the exception of the Tyke (6 year-old) White team. The Tyke White tryouts are held in the fall to give those players with birthdates later in the year a few more months to grow and develop before trying out.